Monday, March 28, 2016

Link to Labs

Some readers have brought to my attention that links to some labs do not work. This is because the site I originally used to post labs is no longer in operation.

Please follow this link for lab work:

or google "Lemtrada" at for all the postings from the blog.


  1. Just checking in--- 6 years after last infusion. No active lesions. Neurologically normal on last test. No relapses. Some symptoms reversed.
    Not all good news (I got thyroid disease from it, but it's controlled).
    It's a serious drug. it's got side effects. It's absurdly expensive in the US.
    For me, it was a miracle drug.

  2. Hi Emma, I was just wondering how you were doing now that you are almost 6 years out? I did my first round of Lemtrada in October. Not great timing to have a pandemic but what can you do? Hope all is well. Amy