International Infusion sites taking US patients

With the help of many others I have some information on which countries are ready to provide Lemtrada to US patients and at what cost.



Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen
Professur für klinische Neurowissenschaften

E-Mail: <>

Cost:  53.000 € the out-patient visits and infusion would be 600 € in addition.
For an in-patient stay + spouse/friend stays with you in hospital 60,000 €

Ana and Emma* both were infused at this site during the same week in April 2014. We had wonderful care and highly recommend Dr. Ziemssen and his staff.

* Real names changed for privacy if you plan to contact the site & wish to use real names or talk to either of these women please leave a comment on the blog.

Additional Contacts:
Alexander Dachsel handles the payment and receipts. He can also assist you in finding a hotel.
We used Swissotel in Dresden and were very happy with the staff and the stay. The hotel is near a major shopping area and public transportation. The public bus system is easy to use and drops you off right in front of the clinic.

If you have additional questions about this site please send a message to the blog and it will be answered promptly.


Univ. Prof. Dr. med Martin Stangel
Leiter Abt. Klinische Neuroimmunologie und Neurochemie
Klinik für Neurologie
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover
Tel.: +49-511-532 6676
Fax: +49-511-532 3115

Costs: Hospital and Medication fee: 55,000 €, In-patient costs 500 €, a companion can stay with you in the hospital for an additional 500 €


Marcus Müller 



Dr. Benjamin Turner is a Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the London Bridge a Hospital.
Email is
Best to make contact first with his very capable practice manager, Hazel Evans
Email: Hazel.

Infusion Site: London Bridge Hospital and it's outpatient infusion center.

Cost:  51,000 pounds or $ 80,000 at a 1.6 percent exchange rate.  The doctors charge is 500 pound for initial, thorough assessment and the 75 pound a day for five infusion days during which he pays close attention and answers questions.  As I mentioned earlier the neurologists here are at a top notch international research level.  Mt total bill comes to 61,000 pounds, which includes delicious healthy food at hospital.  There's a hotel about 15 minutes away that has reasonable rates for this section of a London, about 200 pounds a night.  3 star, clean, well run.

Review: The doctors and nurses are highly experienced and have bee administering this drug for years.  The doctors are colleagues are friends of Alasdair Coles, one of the chief developers of the drug.  

All the medical people here are outraged at Genzyme's price hike.  Germany costs more for travel but not that much .


Dr. Macias from Guadalajara will coordinate with Genzyme Mexico to have the drug in 2-3 weeks. Pricing pending

Dr. José Flores Rivera in Mexico City is another resource, he is a neurologist who participated in the CARE MS I and II Clinical Trials: 

 Av. Carlos Graef Fernández No. 154
Col. Tlaxala Santa Fe.
Delegación Cuajimalpa, CP. 05300
México, DF
Centro de Neurología Ortopedia y Rehabilitación
Consultorio 154
phone. 1664-7050 y 1664-7051

Czech Republic

Prof. Eva Havrdova, MD, PhD

MS Center, Dpt. of Neurology and Center for Clinical Neuroscience, First Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, Kateřinska 30, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic Tel. + 420 2 2496 6422
Fax: + 420 2 2491 7907

From Professor Havrdova: "Lemtrada is registered in the Czech Republic, for our patients outside clinical trials it does not have reimbursement yet, therefore it takes some time to bring the product from Netherlands or Germany to my site.We have also one patient on commercial product, this patient has payed for his first five infusions and we administered them."

Cost: The price for the 5 day course of alemtuzumab would be 1366990 CZK, which is today 68675.71 USD.

Medical Tourism help with travel in Czech Republic:
Charlie Wauldbaum:
Richard Kvech: